About me

For the past 2 years I have been captivated by the cryptocurrency space, and watching it grow to where we are today has been quite a journey. In 2017, I started 'dbcrypto', as a means to share my research and thoughts regarding everything crypto-related. Now, I spend most of my time reading and researching early-stage blockchain projects in search of the very best.

  • Research

    The focus of my research is on deeply understanding each project that I look at. This level of detail allows me to form a full and complete view of project potential

  • Content

    Sharing digestible research, news, tutorials, and more in video form on YouTube. Articles, analysis, and project summaries through Medium and Twitter

  • Community

    Throughout the last year a tight-knit community has developed on Discord and Telegram. This community is all about sharing and learning together



In-depth analysis is paramount to fully understand the potential of any project. Addressing and analyzing all factors from technology to team, competitors through to token economics is essential for forming a holistic view.

At this time, research is not publicly released.


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